Girl Unearthed – More like girl on fire!

How many of us have an idea? How many of us have an idea that’s going to help shape a generation of women? How many of us have an inspired idea and then work our butts off to make it happen?

There is a group of women who clearly Pinterest doesn’t have an effect on, procrastination is null and void, and determination is stored by the truck load.

I met one of these women earlier this year, at a conference designed for female entrepreneurs actually- go figure!

Sarah Coull (aptly pronounced “cool”) and I had our ‘meet cute’ while waiting in line for an organic coffee. A tall young fresh faced girl, I (in my ignorance) thought to myself – bet she is in PR. Given I was at conference for entrepreneurs, I should really not have been surprised to find that she was actually doing something pretty awesome.

Earlier this year Sarah launched Girl Unearthed – a blog offering career inspiration to young women. Profiling women in unique roles across all different industries, the blog is giving girls a real life glimpse of possible careers and pathways to get there. See – awesome!

Growing up in Tasmania, Sarah herself was always a strong willed girl, destined to succeed. After making the call to relocate after completing school, she embarked on an undergraduate degree in Media & Communications across the Bass Strait in Melbourne.

Sarah Coull - Founder GirlUnearthed

Sarah Coull – Founder & Editor-in-Chief Girl Unearthed

Sarah has lead quite the interesting career path herself. After interning at cult teenage mags Girlfriend and Cosmo, Sarah initially thought a career in magazines might be for her but after taking a belated gap year to travel and work in a book shop back in Tassie, she fell in love with books and embarked on a career in publishing, heading back to Melbourne to study her Master of Publishing and Communications.

Whilst studying she landed a job at educational publishing juggernaut Macmillan as a Publishing Assistant and later a Junior Publishing Editor, staying with the company for a couple of years. . A redundancy and new job later, Sarah still felt like she wasn’t being fulfilled creatively and that she needed something else to work on.

Drawing on her time at Girlfriend, and the mentoring influence she saw publications like this could have on young women, she began developing ideas around careers and thinking about what was currently available for girls and women early in their careers.

“There was already so many career websites out there that have articles on things like ‘how to get a promotion’ and ‘how to become a leader in the workplace’, which is great but I thought there needed to be something that opened up young people’s minds about what was out there in terms of jobs, that you just wouldn’t know about until you’re in a workplace or until you’ve meet someone in that job,” Sarah says.

And so, Girl Unearthed was born.

By featuring profiles of women working in different jobs and detailing the paths they took to get there, Sarah is hoping to help young women identify where their skills and passions could take them, or to encourage women who are already working, that the path towards a dream career doesn’t always have to be straight.

The GirlUnearthed platform breaks down stories by industry.

The Girl Unearthed platform breaks down stories by industry.

“Reading about different jobs, you might think, ‘I am really good at that key skill. I am really good at framing data to build a report and analysing things’. I want girls to be able to see different job tasks and skills in the profiles, and recognise that they’ve got these skills and that they could do it too.”

“One of our biggest setbacks when we’re young is that we don’t believe we can do something, and we underestimate our abilities when we’re younger – especially when applying for jobs! I’ve also found that being so busy, as young women we often don’t spend much time reflecting on what we’re good at and enjoy. That’s something I’d like to spend time developing on the website, articles and activities for reflecting on what your skills are and honouring yourself and what you can offer an organisation. “

Sarah has found that the interviews that have been more popular are not the ones she would have expected to be more popular.

“I had an environmental consultant who does surveys on environments for companies and reports on how their business operations are is physically affecting the environment and the wildlife around them.

She was the most interesting, outdoorsy person and had done all sorts of cool things in her job,” she recalls.

“She was, a real person. You will find that we’re generally not putting up super glamorous jobs that girls may have heard about – we want to put up real jobs for people to connect with.”

Sarah and her team of editors at Girl Unearthed aim to provide insight with every article, into that particular job and industry and to allow the readers to be able to identify what the main tasks are, what are the skills or qualifications to have for that job and to identify a pathway to it. As well as to see the fact that they are all random and unique to that person. She hopes this will allow women to not be scared of the path they may take.

Her vision is to develop the site to be an aggregate of careers-related content and events, pulling in content from the different universities, TAFEs, and other educational institutions, and becoming a real hub for knowing when different career events are on and what is out there. A site where girls can go to explore different jobs, do reflective exercises to widen their minds and explore different pathways. Encouraging thinking outside the box and being able to look down a different path, to see where they could end up.

So after hearing so many stories, and having her own interesting career – what is Sarah’s advice for anyone thinking about their future career?

“The wisdom gained is – don’t be afraid to jump into something different because you don’t think you’ve got the skills. More and more people are hiring based on skills set rather than directly related work experience to the role, “ she said.

“Good employers will look at your skills and your confidence in backing yourself in those skills.”

Sarah also recommends spending time reflecting on what you’re good at and companies and roles that interest you.

“Samantha Wills had a cool insight at the Run the World conference this year about finding your passion and your path. She said ‘Look at what you spend your free time doing – and do that.’ And I think that’s a great place to start when young women are thinking about what they’d like to do in their career. What are the things you’re most passionate about? Being able to combine one of your passions with your own unique skill set in a job role is the ultimate goal – because no one wants to be dragging their feet to work every day!’


Is your generosity the key?

Is your generosity the key?
It is no coincidence that we are in the city we live, have the family we have or meet the people we meet. I believe that nothing is random, and therefor everything is planned and a part of a plan.

I also believe the plan for Tunns of Love is to inspire and encourage its readers to be present! Present in your environment, in your relationships and in your life. Its easy to get caught up in worry and concern about the future and what it brings. But if we can learn to trust there is a plan for us, we can stop worrying about what may or may not happen in the future and concentrate on what we are doing, thinking and being in the now. Not just because today is a part of your plan but because you might also be a key part of someone else’s.

We never truly understand what happens in the lives of those around us. As humans we get very good at not letting others see when we are feeling hurt or stressed or have something that is weighing on our minds.

But if we can train ourselves to be present in our environment, stoping and look for ways to reach out to others, its then we might start to have an impact below the surface.

It doesn’t have to be big – maybe its a card for a colleague, a $10 voucher in a random neighbours letterbox, offering to babysit friends kids (we had this offered to us recently -it was a lovely surprise to get an unplanned night off!), offering to pay for other kids to have a ride with yours at the shops or spending time with someone who you know is feeling a bit low.

We may know them, we may not but stepping out in love for someone else might not just been the key to letting them know they are not alone but it also adds something to our own wellbeing. I think it changes our heart. Finely tuning it. Generosity has a way of bringing joy to our own lives and most of us will know, it also usually always has a way of coming back to us!

Something I have always wanted to do, is to leave $5 or $10 at the register when I get a coffee for the people after me, and then just sit (incognito of course!) and watch their reaction when they find out theirs has already been paid for. I reckon it would be priceless!

If we start small, then before we know it we will be seeing opportunities to be generous everywhere. Its not about giving away lots of money – its about using small acts to show other people that they are not alone in this world, and that we are here doing life along side them. We don’t know what goes on in others lives and a small simple act might just be what they need to turn a corner!

 “Generosity lies less in giving much than in giving at the right moment” – Jean de la Bruyere

Welcome to Tunns of Love


I am beyond excited to finally be sharing with you the new vision for my blog! It looks different, it sounds a little different, it smells different but you know – I think you are going to love it!

So why is it different I hear you say? Tunns of Style was pretty awesome (oh that’s so kind of you to say!). Well over the past 3 or so years I have pretty much blogged about everything – from designer gowns and domestic ideas to art and philosophies about life! While (I hope) these have all been useful, Tunns of Style never really had a goal. There was no vision, no plan, no real theme – just a jumble of ideas and some pretty pictures.

But now there is a vision and, I think, it’s pretty amazing! Given it was Valentines Day yesterday- I thought it was only fitting to announce today, the new vision for the blog – Tunns of Love.

Tunns of Love is about inspiring you, challenging you and loving you! Each section and article is designed to help you love your life in the fullest, love those in your world (even the difficult ones) and love that great big world out there.

Now consisting of the brand new categories – Love Life, Love People, Love the World, Tunns of Love is the place you come to be inspired, to feel good about yourself and to get a new perspective on your life and the world. You can read more about the categories on our about page.

So please stick around – sign up, bookmark, follow and get ready to be inspired, be challenged and be loved! And most importantly – let me know what you think? Its all for you so I want to know if you love it or if you have an idea for the blog- I would love your feedback.

Loving on the Joneses


After I finished my last post – What is your legacy?, I have really been spending a lot of time thinking about what I am leaving as my legacy. How can I use what Mum passed on to me to bring the same feeling of love to others? While I hope I already pass this on to my friends and family, I really desire to go bigger!

We live in a big world, so big we often feel small. But one way to keep ourselves in perspective is to start living outside of ourselves. Say what? What kind of coo-coo nonsense is that you say. I say – we feel small because we are constantly comparing ourselves to the “rest of the world”, and feeling like we fall short. Yikes! That hurt to write, let alone admit that I am so guilty! I truly believe though, that instead of seeking to create a covetable lifestyle, we can chose to encourage others in their lives and love them because we are all feeling small in this big world together.  There is satisfaction and reward in this, the kind of reward you can’t get from completely re-hauling your lounge room to match the latest cover of Home Beautiful. (Cause I guarantee it will soon bore you and you’ll only want to do it again when the next issue is out!)

So I am kicking off a new series – it’s called ‘Loving on the Joneses’ (see what I did there??). This series is all about spreading the love and impacting others. We all know how great it can feel helping someone out, whether it’s cooking a meal or giving an anonymous donation, it truly is an amazing feeling when you know you have really helped someone or just surprised them just because. It can be someone we know, want to know or a complete stranger!

But this is not a solo series. I want you to join me. Help to spread the love and collectively impact our world. My stories of random love acts will be shared weekly but I would love to hear how you have spread the love! Comment and share your experiences so we can all get encouragement and new ideas.

Break the cycle of ‘Keeping up with the Joneses” and start loving on them instead!