Hello……..it’s me.

I was wondering that after all these months if I should write.
(he he..sorry but I love that song).

What has been happening in your worlds? Its been full steam ahead here! With a kitchen reno ticked off, painting semi-almost-a little bit started-a little bit done, Christmas preparations well and truly in full swing, and the usual kids, working, life thrown in the mix, I tell you I am looking forward to some down time over the holidays!

I have also been working on a little side project which I will hopefully be able to share with you all very soon (psst if you just can’t wait, jump over to my Instagram and you might just get a whiff of an idea). It is very exciting!! Something I have wanted to do for a looooong time.

But for now I wanted to share a few pics of our kitchen reno. There a few details to go (painting, lights and flooring) but we are extremely happy! Its is amazing how changing the layout has effected our lifestyle and the way we interact as a family on a daily basis.

The mc-massive island is now the hub of the home. From family breakfast to kids meals and activities, and of course our guests gravitate there, like flies to the preverbal, for a cold beverage and usually a cheese board. Today, I managed to put a weeks worth of the family’s clean laundry folded onto it.

Anyway, just give us the pictures I hear you say…..ok, ok, pushy bunch. He, he…enjoy!

Here is the before (note we had already put in the new servery window at this point)…don’t you just love the 90’s biege. I was super sad to see it go 😦

And the after. Ah my heart is happy!

Bonus – a few of my favourite (well most favourite) elements!


Are you renovating? I would love to see what your up to! Share details in the comments below!!



Reno update


I had every intention of keeping you in the loop for all of my design decisions. Driving you crazy with talk of paint colours, laminate V timber V stone bench tops. Agonising over cabinetry handles and waxing lyrical on pendant lights. Giving you every painstaking detail of my inability to make decisions but it turns out (and this is a surprise to me) –  I don’t actually have that problem.

I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted and found fixtures and fittings that fitted in well, were available and are relatively affordable. STFD! (That’s – Shut The Front Door for new players). Who knew! All those years of pinning have finally paid off. So there, anyone who thinks that Pinterest is time wasting!

So where is it all up to?

  • Our fab new servery window is in!
  • Cabinetry signed-off and being installed in just under 3 weeks!
  • Cabinet hardware sorted (and I am, borderline inappropriately, in love with the knobs).
  • Sink and tap purchased.
  • Gas cooker on order.
  • So just need to find some subway tiles and we are literally cooking with gas.

I thought about sharing my design choices with you now but I am going to make you wait and do a big reveal – just like the do in the Block! Tragic I know! (It’s really just a ploy to get you to revisit my blog and boost my numbers!)

I am a wee bit nervous about being without a kitchen for a couple of weeks but I am willing to sacrifice for the greater good! I am so looking forward to entertaining over the summer. With the pool, outside entertaining area and soon to be awesome kitchen,  it’s going to be just a lovely space to bless our friends and family, and just hang out together!

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It reno time!

For those who aren’t regular readers, my husband and I bought a house in April and we are starting to get serious about doing some renos – Yay McFreakity Yay!

Needless to say I am in my element. If Pinterest was a problem for me before, well let’s just say, pray for me!

Get ready for the onslaught of reno pics as well as probably too much information on every single detail! First up is the kitchen and I am super excited. I was going to keep it a mystery – with a big unveiling but I thought it would be far more interesting for those of you playing at home to go on the journey with me!

Here is what our 20 year old kitchen looks now!

Kitchen Before

The U-shape will be reconfigured to an L-shape bench along the back and side wall, with lower cabinets and top cabinets down one side, and a servery onto our entertaining patio off the other.

The return bench which formed the u-shape will be going and replaced with a decent sized island with two of the most divine pendants ever created! To add a little classic farmhouse style we will have the token butlers sink and gas cooker – which husband is super excited about as he gets to buy a new wok (insert eye roll). There adds another 10 minutes at the butcher.

First to go is the window (as the bench will be built to the servery) which we are hoping will be replaced in the next couple of weeks. So it will soon be actions stations! Brace yourself.

Make sure you are following me on Instagram to see the progress!

Tunns xo

Capsule Wardrobe – Half Way Report


A few of my loyal readers (you know who you are) have been asking about the capsule wardrobe! So I thought I would give you a, slightly over, half way report.

All in all, I have found it soooooooo much easier having the capsule wardrobe. Never stuck for something to wear – everything goes with everything! It’s kind of like having a big uniform but with lots of combinations to choose from, saving me time in the mornings not having to think too much about what to wear! Leaving more time for drinking coffee and becoming human.

I have, however, stumbled over a few littles issues to take into consideration when planning for the Spring capsule! I guess I’ll share with you too so you can learn from my mistake (I am such a giver!).

Tip 1 – Transition Pieces

Living in a sub-tropical climate you never truly know when the shift from hot to cold will happen. Just when you think the season has changed, your likely to get a once-in-a-10-year-freaking-hot-day in autumn or winter for that matter. For this reason, I kept out a few “transitional pieces”, as I boxed up all my summer gear. A couple of extra tops to throw on should it get unseasonably steamy!

Tip 2 – Have all the items by the start of the season or you run short

There are still pieces I intended on purchasing before the autumn/winter season but for whatever reason haven’t gotten around to getting. Given the capsule is purposely designed both practically and aesthetically – this left holes in my wardrobe and  resulted compromised outfits! Argh – first world problems.

I blame not creating “The List” early enough and therefor not having enough time for perfect piece hunting. Will not make that mistake again!

Tip 3 – Add an “around the house” category

Even though my outfits were lovely, they were geared towards leaving the house! I ended up pulling out a few old jeans and shirts (and a couple of comfy trackies – I know some of you are shocked!) to wear on the days I was locked away inside, doing housework, playing with kids, covered in what I am hoping was vegemite.

So there you go! A few little tips/mistakes for you to take fourth and learn from! Is anyone planning a Spring Capsule? I have started a Pinterest Board…we should share ideas.

The “F” Word


There is this great lyric by Emilie Sandè:

“You have a heart as loud as Lions, so why let your voice be tamed”

I love this. The Lion – king of the jungle. The loudest roar of the animal kingdom. No fear. Ready for any challenge that presents itself. Never to back away from an enemy but holds ground – steadfast and courageous.

I would love for this to be me. To still roar loudly no matter of what was in front of me. Always on alert to protect the right order. Fearing nothing or at least not letting it alter my resolve.

But us humans, we scare easily. It’s a good thing we are at the top of the food chain otherwise we would be in trouble!

We may have a heart as loud as lions but we struggle with the roaring part. Fear of backlash, fear of rejection, fear of persecution, fear of looking silly, fear of not being heard.

A deep ingrained fear of doing – anything. Speaking, acting, doing. We all have it. Do you remember being in school, when you would raise your hand to answer a question and then it would rise up? That immediate unease – what if I give the wrong answer, I would seem dumb. What will everyone think of what I say or how I speak? Fear.

That awful little four letter F word that has probably be holding the world back since….well forever.

Fear is such a big obstacle. It’s the enemy’s greatest weapon and our biggest barrier to anything good. Fear can cripple our dreams and cripple anything good in the world. Fear tames our roar.

Loosing someone is a harsh jolt to reality. We live ONCE. ONCE! and it is never long enough. Even when its been 30 years – it feels like it’s over to soon. Since loosing Mum, I have decided that no little F word is going to let me not LIVE! Not ROAR.

Here are my suggestions to break down fear and let your roar rip!

1. Write down what fear is holding you back from.

2. Tell fear to “suck it” and do it anyway.

Maybe people will think you are silly or a try hard or wrong. But you definitely don’t need that kind of negativity in your life so ignore them. Those people are generally either caught in fear themselves or jealous, or both. Greatness lies in doing. Nothing, zip, zero would have ever happened in the world if we all succumbed to fear. Dreaming and fearing is a viscous cycle – one the enemy wants to see you caught in so you don’t do anything amazing.

You have a heart as loud as lions, so WHY let your voice be tamed?

Listen to yo’ Mumma!

So you know those things your mum says to you and you think to yourself “yes mum”, “I know mum” but never really take them on board or put them in the nagging box..

Well turns out, for me at lease, I think the mums are on to something.  I was recently thinking about things Mum used to say to me and now that she isn’t here to say it anymore, I have come to realise just how good advice it was. Little gems that really are the foundations to living simply and graciously. Here are a few of my favourite! 

Mind your Ps & Qs

Really there is no excuse for bad manners. Everyone has been taught at some point in their lives to use good manners. Not only does it display your character to others but is also a sign of respect. That you respect this person enough to be polite – whether its deserved or not. Working in PR I often find the use of profoundly good manners (“oh thank you so much” or “please would you mind”) will also work in your favour if seeking something at short notice or to get your brand chosen above others! When dealing with negative people, no one can get mad at you when you are being sickly sweet. So make sure you “mind your Ps & Qs” – it goes a long way.

If you haven’t got anything nice to say – don’t say anything!

Mean things will always come back to you, and while it reflects more on your character than the person you are talking to or about, meanness is just not cool. We are human and sometimes what we think just comes out – I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion and I shudder to think about the impression I left on the person I was talking to or about.  Not to mention the damage it can do to their confidence &/or self esteem. Things we say to others can stick with them for a long time after we have moved on. We don’t know the damage we can do with our words – whether they are intended or not. So choose your words carefully – loose lips sink ships & cause rifts!

Make your bed everyday 

I remember giving my mum so much grief because she insisted on not only having a made bed every day but one worthy of the Home Beautiful cover. She owned more quilt covers and throw pillows than every Pillow Talk in Brisbane. Everyday she would diligently make it – cushions and all, before heading off to work or whatever the days activity was. Why? At the time I thought it was a pride thing but since having my own home and family I think it was because not matter what did or didn’t happen during the day, come bed time she could slide into fresh sheets and enjoy some time in calmness. Now having kids of my own – I do feel more “on top” of everything when I get into a made bed (not that is happens super regularly – sorry mummy) .

And never leave the house with at least a little blush and lippy.

Some would say its vanity or pride but I always feel 100 times better leaving the house on the days I have put make-up on, than on the days I haven’t. I call it confidence. For me, its about having an outwards display of how I feel about myself on the inside, as opposed to an outwards display of how I want people to see me as being on the inside. I think there is a distinct difference. Mum was the same – a bit of tinted moisturiser, blush and always lippy was all you need – she would say.

I’ll end with a quote I have seen floating around the Insta-sphere that I just love, which sums up my view just nicely I reckon! 

In case I never said it when you were here – thanks Mum! You really did know best.

The List


Last week I talked about the concept of “capsule wardrobes” a possible solution for my too small a wardrobe for too many clothes problem. In my efforts to apply this theory, I have discovered a few little tid bits along my journey so I thought I would share a few for those of you playing at home.

First of all, I have to tell you about this great blog I stumbled across, Un-Fancy. Its totally dedicated to capsule wardrobes! With tips, tricks and ideas, the girl who writes it, Caroline, has really thrown herself into the concept. Although she is in the US so the seasons are opposite to ours, she has a couple of years worth of posts so there is always something relevant. I got a tonne of ideas from it.

In theory, there should be 37 items to a capsule wardrobe but I have gone with 39 – however since the only difference between an autumn and a winter wardrobe in Queensland is the addition of a trench coat, my capsule wardrobe will be servicing both seasons so I figured I could go slightly over the allocated amount!

So where to start – The List.  I used some of the principles mentioned on Un-Fancy to first create my wardrobe on paper. I used the Rule of Three and took inspiration from some of the items in her “Fall” wardrobe.

I wrote all of these down as one big list. Then I did – The Audit. What items did I already have. Keeping in mind to have one basic item, one classic item and one statement. Surprisingly I did have quite a bit and they fitted in well together. But for anyone starting from scratch I would keep everything pretty simple/neutral and then add personality through jewellery and accessories (which don’t count towards your 37 pieces by the way! Few!)

Then I identified what items I needed. I guess ideally, it’s best to do this a few weeks before the new season starts so you have a chance to hit up sales and buy things out of season when they can tend to be a bit cheaper.

Now that I have my wardrobe list done and my shopping list ready – its time for the hard part. The Clean Out! I know it’s the whole point of the process, to de-clutter and minimise but it will be hard getting rid of things I paid good money for. However I think planning my wardrobes in advance and knowing exactly what I need to buy will save me money and time in the long run, plus since I am restricted to only 37 items I will only buy things I truly love!

xoxo Tunns.

P.S If you are playing along in Brisbane or Toowoomba and looking for a good cause to donate your rejected clothes to, Teen Challenge is looking for donations for an upcoming garage sale. Contact me if you would like more details 🙂