Lets dive into neon!

Ok so here it is. The first post.

I have to admit this isn’t my first blog. So I am not going to waste your time telling you how excited I am to be blogging, what my goals are for the blog blah blah blah – you can read all that on the about page….when I get around to writing it! (Just my tactic to get you checking back). I just want to dive straight into writing about what I want to write about – style! Specifically style in relation to interiors but I am not picky. So whether its interiors, fashion, graphic design or any other realm that style influences I want to explore it, emerse this blog in and dip it in chocolate! Ok so the chocolate might be damaging to my iMac but you get the picture!

Right! Lets talk neon. I. Love. It. It first caught my eye in my fav go to guide on style Real Living Mag back in about May (and yes I did just leave my desk to hunt down which exact copy it was that started this obsession!), where the most amazing shade of hot pink graced the cover. It had combined with warm neutrals and pastels in a living room! I’d scan that cover and include in my post except I made 3d butterflies out of it so I could have neon inspiration everyday on my computer……..dont judge me.

Since that it has been stalking me! Fashion, jewellery, home wares….oh the home wares! Some of my favourites from Etsy…

Neon Pink Triangle Cushion from Etsy

Neon dipped nesting bowls

Neon dipped nesting bowls

Neon Gnomes

Neon Gnomes – enough said!

I think that because I love neon so much and it has been used in some really creative and striking yet sparing ways and coupled with amazing colour pallets like pastels and neutrals, I just can’t commit to how I want to let this style affect my style! I have trouble introducing into my house. Finding the appropriate place for it pop up without being over powering or just generally looking ridiculous! Maybe you could share how you have let the neon revolution inspire your home style!

I am also loving it in fashion! Its so bold and cool! I recently took the plunge and ordered the first article of neon clothing that I would have worn since the hyper coloured t-shirt days of early 1992 – dont act you dont know what I am referring to! Anyway, I settle on a very subtle (and on sale…..no post purchase cognitive dissonance here) piece from ASOS which should arrive very soon! I think its the perfect piece to dip my toe in the neon wadding pool!

Fluoro Sequin T-Shirt

Warehouse Fluoro Sequin T-Shirt

Whether its art, home wares or the most amazing necklace you have ever seen…my neck aches to wear this!

Hot Pink Statement Necklace

Neon is definately here to stay..and I am not complaining!

Signing off until next time!


P.S Normally I would spend hours choosing my blog template, customising it, agonising colours and fonts for hours and hours on end but like I said I just wanted to start writing! So you will have to come back soon and see if I have made it pretty! Or better yet, follow me and I will announce when its at peak viewing capacity!

Ooo I am also waiting the arrival of this beauty which will officially be the first neon injection into my home!


Expression Art Print by Garima Dhawan on Society6.com



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