The List


Last week I talked about the concept of “capsule wardrobes” a possible solution for my too small a wardrobe for too many clothes problem. In my efforts to apply this theory, I have discovered a few little tid bits along my journey so I thought I would share a few for those of you playing at home.

First of all, I have to tell you about this great blog I stumbled across, Un-Fancy. Its totally dedicated to capsule wardrobes! With tips, tricks and ideas, the girl who writes it, Caroline, has really thrown herself into the concept. Although she is in the US so the seasons are opposite to ours, she has a couple of years worth of posts so there is always something relevant. I got a tonne of ideas from it.

In theory, there should be 37 items to a capsule wardrobe but I have gone with 39 – however since the only difference between an autumn and a winter wardrobe in Queensland is the addition of a trench coat, my capsule wardrobe will be servicing both seasons so I figured I could go slightly over the allocated amount!

So where to start – The List.  I used some of the principles mentioned on Un-Fancy to first create my wardrobe on paper. I used the Rule of Three and took inspiration from some of the items in her “Fall” wardrobe.

I wrote all of these down as one big list. Then I did – The Audit. What items did I already have. Keeping in mind to have one basic item, one classic item and one statement. Surprisingly I did have quite a bit and they fitted in well together. But for anyone starting from scratch I would keep everything pretty simple/neutral and then add personality through jewellery and accessories (which don’t count towards your 37 pieces by the way! Few!)

Then I identified what items I needed. I guess ideally, it’s best to do this a few weeks before the new season starts so you have a chance to hit up sales and buy things out of season when they can tend to be a bit cheaper.

Now that I have my wardrobe list done and my shopping list ready – its time for the hard part. The Clean Out! I know it’s the whole point of the process, to de-clutter and minimise but it will be hard getting rid of things I paid good money for. However I think planning my wardrobes in advance and knowing exactly what I need to buy will save me money and time in the long run, plus since I am restricted to only 37 items I will only buy things I truly love!

xoxo Tunns.

P.S If you are playing along in Brisbane or Toowoomba and looking for a good cause to donate your rejected clothes to, Teen Challenge is looking for donations for an upcoming garage sale. Contact me if you would like more details :)

It’s just too darn small!

Having just moved into our very first (well that we are living in) home and coming to the inevitable conclusion that my new wardrobe is waaaaaaaaaay smaller than my last one, I think it is time for me to start practicing the less is more theory.


They say when you don’t have to think about what you’re going to wear, agonising over which shoes, do those earrings go, is this shirt a little too see through? Not only do your mornings become more efficient but so does your brain! Which is now free to think about important things – like whether I should have a pendant light or a flush mount in the entryway!

Lucky for me, I just stumbled across these simple concepts put together by Apartment Therapy – designed to embrace the less is more concept but still maintaining style!

Anyone care to join me in the challenge? I know for a fact some of my readers could do with employing these few tricks! Yes Belinda – I am referring to you xoxo

Braving a new life


Since mid last year I have had the privilege of working for an amazing not for profit organisation. It is one that has a true heart to see young people embark on a new way of life. Irrespective of where they’ve come from or what they have done, this organisation is dedicated to seeing them make good choices and get a fresh start in life.

Since Loving the World is about stepping outside of our own lives and looking into what is happening around our country and the globe, I thought it would be remiss of me not to take the opportunity to share with you all the hard, gritty work this organisation does and the transformations that take place because of their unwavering commitment.

The organisation I am talking about it Teen Challenge QLD. A group of people who are beyond passionate about seeing the drug epidemic over in Australia and the lives of an entire generation saved.

Their rehabilitation centres in Toowoomba take kids from as young as 16 that have some form of addiction (and what is truly saddening is we get enquires for kids younger than that). Whether it’s alcohol and drugs, self harming, eating disorders, gaming or a range of other addictive behaviour – there is always a common thread.  Most go to Teen Challenge with depression, anxiety or other forms of mental illness that have usually been triggered by circumstances outside of their control.

This is what truly breaks my heart about some of the stories I have heard since being at Teen Challenge. Stories of abuse, neglect, broken homes and broken families. A lot of people will shudder when they think of drug addicts. Often the perception is that those with drug addictions have simple made some poor choices, and while in a sense this is true – so often circumstance or environment can hinder them from learning the difference between a good choice and a bad one.

Teen Challenge is an organisation that takes loving to a whole new level. I am blown away daily by the passion and commitment I see, not just from those who work directly with the students but from the support staff, those who deal with the families, volunteers and the amazing Executive Director – Jo Hobbs. Apart from being an amazing woman of God, she is a strong faithful leader. Committed to the cause – Teen Challenge isn’t just a job for her, it’s a calling. The same can be said for all that work there. A mandate each one willing picks up everyday, knowing that their dedication, perseverance and faithfulness will see change in the lives of those that come to Teen Challenge.

The first thing students get told when they come through the doors is that they are loved. They have a purpose. Sadly, this is the first time some have heard this. The staff that work directly with them are amazing. Loving them regardless of what they have done in the past but all the while giving them strict boundaries. One of the most important thing kids need to feel secure.

Its real and gritty, and its amazing to see kids after they have been through the program, come out on a much stronger path. Making better choices for their lives, feeling like they could achieve anything.  Family relationships restored, a career path in the pipeline. When you think about what the alternative would have been, the outcome is just mind blowing. They have purpose for their life and great dreams of what they want to achieve – there are no words to describe the impact being made.

For me, its a constant inspiration. Some students have gone on to do some great things. Past students now work at Teen Challenge themselves, using their experiences to help others. If they can rise form their circumstances, learn from their past and brave a new life for themselves, couldn’t we all?



I had a scare. Well correction, I had a minor scare and in my mind it got big.

Just before Christmas I had a small red-ish bump appear on my forehead. I actually thought one of the kids had scratch me. But it never went away.

So super paranoid I thought I should get it checked and of course the doctor wanted to do a biopsy. At this point I am trying to remain level headed. “Lets not get worried or freak out until we know exactly what it is” and then I begin the  “What ever will be will be”, “If this is what God has planned for me, I will tackle it head on.”

By the time I get the call that the doctor wants to see me to “discuss” the results – its full melt down mode. And just to give you an indication on how well I do melt down mode, I got extremely good grades in drama!

Tears in the shower, mental drafting of letters to the kids and bargaining with the “big man” for more time. See – drama queen! But what was really reeling through my head was why I ever put myself at risk to begin with. The amount of times I sunbaked as a teenager or got red-roar sunburnt camping (see my 20 year old lobster self below on the right – not that you needed me to tell you which one I am – you could see me from space) all because I thought I needed to be tanned. I could blame the Jennifer Hawkins’ of the world or every bikini clad bronzed beauty for making my teenage self believe that you needed to have a tan to be considered attractive but really I blame myself.

sunburn :(

I blame myself for believing that lie and letting people get away with still making me feel like it isn’t ok to be pale. I still have people coming up to me and pointing out that I have white legs (just incase I didn’t notice!). Like that’s more socially acceptable than pointing out someone has a big nose? Who does that!

Why don’t you just use fake tan they ask (and more often than not I already do have some on – I am just that pale). Aside from the fact that I can never really get a good fake tan, what really irks me is the idea that my pale legs are not ok (sad face).That the way I was created isn’t ok. It makes me not want to wear shorts or dresses. I have found myself putting on jeans even though I know its going to be 35 degrees that day.

As a society (and particularly Australian society) I think we have been conditioned to believe that we have to be tan to look “ok”. I am 30 and I still don’t feel confident when I get my legs out, I can imagine how teenage girls (and guys) now feel when they are constantly bombarded with images of tanned beauties. In the age of the selfie, they are being told even more so about how they are “supposed” to look.

I really, really hope that my “tears-in the shower, bargaining with God, drama-queen pale self” can pass some wisdom on my pasty friends when I say – a tan so isn’t worth it. It isn’t worth the danger to your health but more than that, it isn’t worth not being the package you were created to be! You are perfect the way you are and do not let anyone else make you feel like the way you look is not ok. Spread the word that pale is ok –  #keepitpale.

P.S Doing a happy dance that said bump is a carcinoma and not a melanoma. I have to have it   removed which isn’t an epic deal but I now have to be uber careful and see a dermatologist regularly. 

Shake it up: Fitness


Ok -so be honest, who is singing taylor swift right now? Cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate….I am just gonna shake, shake, shake

Funny thing is, I actually have been shaking! Shaking up my workouts. For years I have played netball. And while I love it, I have decided its time to, well shake it up!

My sister and I used to play once a week but since the end of the last season we decided to put the Thursday night netball on hold and mix it up. So every Thursday night we book in something different! So far we have played golf & squash – not overly ground breaking I know but they have both been so much fun! We have planned to also do – dancing in the dark (no light, no lycra for anyone in the Brisbane area) and jump ourselves stupid at an indoor trampoline centre. 

Also on the list
– rock climbing
– Baare body (a work out based around ballet)
– Squirmish

And open to any other suggestions anyone has!! I am feeling brave!

I find doing something different challenges you to step outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself. Try something you have no idea if your going to any good at. You might be good at it, you might suck but I guarantee you will feel better in your body and in your spirit. And if all else fails you will have fun and maybe even meet some new people!

What needs shaking up in your life? 

Is your generosity the key?

Is your generosity the key?
It is no coincidence that we are in the city we live, have the family we have or meet the people we meet. I believe that nothing is random, and therefor everything is planned and a part of a plan.

I also believe the plan for Tunns of Love is to inspire and encourage its readers to be present! Present in your environment, in your relationships and in your life. Its easy to get caught up in worry and concern about the future and what it brings. But if we can learn to trust there is a plan for us, we can stop worrying about what may or may not happen in the future and concentrate on what we are doing, thinking and being in the now. Not just because today is a part of your plan but because you might also be a key part of someone else’s.

We never truly understand what happens in the lives of those around us. As humans we get very good at not letting others see when we are feeling hurt or stressed or have something that is weighing on our minds.

But if we can train ourselves to be present in our environment, stoping and look for ways to reach out to others, its then we might start to have an impact below the surface.

It doesn’t have to be big – maybe its a card for a colleague, a $10 voucher in a random neighbours letterbox, offering to babysit friends kids (we had this offered to us recently -it was a lovely surprise to get an unplanned night off!), offering to pay for other kids to have a ride with yours at the shops or spending time with someone who you know is feeling a bit low.

We may know them, we may not but stepping out in love for someone else might not just been the key to letting them know they are not alone but it also adds something to our own wellbeing. I think it changes our heart. Finely tuning it. Generosity has a way of bringing joy to our own lives and most of us will know, it also usually always has a way of coming back to us!

Something I have always wanted to do, is to leave $5 or $10 at the register when I get a coffee for the people after me, and then just sit (incognito of course!) and watch their reaction when they find out theirs has already been paid for. I reckon it would be priceless!

If we start small, then before we know it we will be seeing opportunities to be generous everywhere. Its not about giving away lots of money – its about using small acts to show other people that they are not alone in this world, and that we are here doing life along side them. We don’t know what goes on in others lives and a small simple act might just be what they need to turn a corner!

 “Generosity lies less in giving much than in giving at the right moment” – Jean de la Bruyere

Yay winners!

Ok so since it is my blog I have decided to award more than one prize! Perks of being the boss!!

Prizes go to:
Aimee H (also known as Doris and one of my oldest friends – love you) – for the first right blog comment!
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And finally Tara – cause she also had it and showed extra determination to win!!

Well done ladies! Send me through your addresses either through Facebook or the contact page and I will send you a little something love worthy!

Thanks for taking part everyone!